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Chabot Space and Science Center Wedding

Chabot Space and Science Center Wedding

If you've ever dreamed of getting married among the stars, than there is no better place than Chabot Space and Science center located in Oakland, California. For anyone that has a love of science or the stars above us, this venue is a dream come true. There is nothing more beautiful than saying "I Do" to the one you love beneath a star-lit sky atop a mountain.


Just picture it, being surrounded by your loved ones while on a spot-lit stage in a Planetarium with the dazzling night sky full of stars is projected above you. It's like something out of a dream. This venue offers truly amazing opportunities: a reception outside with the sun setting among the redwoods, a sparkling canopy of stars above, and the chance to glimpse the stars and faraway planets through three historic telescopes. With the option for indoor or outdoor ceremonies you can be assured that no matter the weather, your day will be truly memorable. 

The staff are truly top notch at the Chabot Space and Science center; once it comes time to set up all your decorations if you blink you'll miss it. The staff are very experienced and knowledgeable to where getting everything set up takes no time at all, ensuring that your special day stays on schedule so that you can just relax and enjoy the day.


This venue is a truly unique and amazing experience to have. There are many outdoor venues that you can get married under a starlit sky but nothing quite like this. The atmosphere is awe-inspiring, and to be able to gaze through a telescope bigger than your car at planets that are so far away they aren't even visible to the naked-eye; however, through the telescope you can see every detail is absolutely incredible. Of all the venues I have worked with, this is most certainly going to be the one that leaves the longest lasting impression. Truly wonderful.

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